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Newsgroups Selection

First time you open this form, you will be asked to download list of newsgroups from your news server. Make sure you have previously configured your news account settings. For more details on configuring your news account for posting with Easy Post, please refer to Quickstart section of this help file. Let Easy Post download list of all available newsgroups from your server. This list will be stored locally in Easy Post folder.

Now you can easily select newsgroups from the left list and using Add button add them to the list of newsgroups your files will be posted to. Using Remove button after selecting groups from the right list, you will remove selected groups from the list of groups your files will be posted to. Typing (part of) name of group above the left list will filter all newsgroups and display only those containing typed string.

(Re)Load List button allows you to reload (or load for the first time) a list of all available newsgroups on your news server.

NOTE: If you have a large number of newsgroups on your downloaded list, it might take a few seconds for the Select Newsgroups form to open up and display the list. Newsgroups are sorted alphabetically. The left list will only display newsgroups you are allowed to post to, NOT ALL available newsgroups on your server. Also, once per day upon opening this Select Newsgroups form, Easy Post will check for new newsgroups that might become available on your news server. If any are found and downloaded successfully, you will be notified of their quantity. You will also be notified of any error that might occur while downloading list of newsgroups from the server.

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