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Main Menu
Newsgroups Selection
Progress Indicators

Benefits for yDecode users

Main Menu

File menu

  • Add Files - Allows you to select files you will post. After they are opened, they will be displayed in the listview.
  • Post All - Starts posting files.
  • Stop Posting - Stops posting files. This option is active only if posting is in progress.
  • Exit - Exits program.

Options menu

  • Accounts - Opens up Account Settings and Selection form. For more details on configuring your news account for posting with Easy Post, please refer to Quickstart section of this help file.
  • Stay on top - Keeps Easy Post window on top of other application windows.
  • Log errors - If checked, all errors that occur in Easy Post will be logged into errors.log file in application folder.

Help menu

  • Help - Activates this help.
  • About - Displays some basic information about Easy Post.

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