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What do other people tell about yDecode and yDecode customer support?

It is one thing to make and sell a good product, but quite another to support it after the money is taken from you and many companies only care about their users right until that moment.

Thanks to a lot of features we implemented in last few years to simplify yDecode usage the support is rarely needed - but if you ever need one, the last thing you want is to waste your precious time with an annoying problem.

Not so with yDecode! You will experience only endless persistence until we solve your issue. We can email you, reply on forum, chat, show you video tutorials, screenshots and even connect to your computer if nothing else works to solve the issue. You are never left on your own when the problem arises - even years after the purchase!

The testimonials that follow are unedited except for the customer last names to protect their privacy.

Most important - we did not ask for any of these testimonials! They are just selected from tons of email correspondence done over the years. So you will see fragments of questions asked as well.

From: Joe M. (from the USA)

Thank you very much for all your help. Never, ever have I experienced such exceptional support and service. If you have a boss or anyone else I can relate this to, I would be happy to do so.

Thanks for your help so far.

From: H.G.T. Jr (from the USA)

Downloaded and installed the free version over the weekend and am compeletely delighted with it's features and performance.

My question, before I install the registered version do I need to do anything with the free version I downloaded and installed over the weekend.

Thanks for the program, been looking for something like this for a couple of years!

Kindest regards, Griff

From: Terence H. (from the USA)

Thank you very much for your reply. You answered all my points and exmplained everything well. I think I have made a good choice with ydecode. I look forward to further developements.

One other issue that I have only just discovered is that I do not seem to be able to access my news server when ydecode is not running. I guess that the outlook express server settings have been intercepted by ydecode. So it seems I have to have ydecode running every time I access any usenet news - if it contains yenc or not! Some users may find this confusing. I have found it myself just by use.

From: Ken H. (from the USA)

Thank you very much!

Everything is working beautifully.

From: N. A. (from the USA)

Many thanks. Now it works fine, and I'm very happy with the excellent way the program works!

From: Paul H. (from the USA)

Thanks for the quick reply. I found the localhost setting about 2 seconds after I e-mailed you (naturally!!)

I'm a paid subscriber to yDecode and will re-install it soon. I'm in the process of moving to a new network here, and as part of moving the workstations, I'm running through and reconfiguring all of the software. Changing networks left the Office preference settings in disarray I'm sorting through those now.

Thanks again, & I'll definitely check out easypost.

All The Best - Paul H.

From: Adam E. (from the UK)

Well done for not only making a very useful tool, but also great follow-up service. It makes a nice change!

Kind Regards,

Adam E.

From: Jim O. (from the USA)

Thanks for the response. I think you have a cool product here and I look forward to the new features you listed! I'm glad to have the product that I have now, too.

Thanks for your time.


From: Thomas E.

Thank you for all your help. I'm so impressed with the help I have received. You are total World Class. I will take you up on your help very soon.

Thanks Again

Thomas F.

From: Rob A.

Update: Rob eventually registered yDecode a while after this email.

I uninstalled the software and re-downloaded it. It works FLAWLESSLY. I don't really need the advanced version, but you guys have been so nice and helpful that I will probably purchase it next week. I wish all companies treated their customers as well as you - and I did not even pay for the software yet.

If you ever want a testimonial, just ask.

Thank you again.

Rob A.

From: Charles H.

Thank you for the assistance. It works!

I have never expierenced a helpdesk that is so quick in reaction to the customer and so clear in it's explanation.

best regards,


From: Kelly B.

Hi......... Just back in and read your reply. Thank You. Of all the products and purchases I have made in my life, I am most impressed by your quick response and well thought out answers. I am on the run today but will work on getting Thunderbird going properly tomorrow.

Not only does Ydecode work as advertised but your service makes a excellent product even better. Well done! You are an exception in today's business world of "Take the Money and Run."

If you would like to use my comments in any of your advertising feel free to do so. Thanks again.

I'll get back to you and let you know how I made out.


From: Joe A.

I just tried this and it works perfectly. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. I did notice that the right mouse click works better when the cursor arrow is in the blue highlighted field after you have used Shift or Control to highlight the multiparts of the message, However, that may just be accidental for me. This also works for multipart messages that are not yEnc encoded. This is an excellent set of instructions and will help everybody. I have all the "Windows For Dummies" books and some other basic books and none of them even mention this.

I also tried this on some single part picture sets and it works fine.

Congratulations for this new entry in the database -- this is a real winner! Again, many thanks. -- Joe

From: Boris H.

Some software I have and look for support for... well it would be easier to hook up with the Mars probe! Your replies are fast and your information concise. Thanks again!


From: John O.

I could see that something was ging on as the green bars were moving on the bottom of my OE screen, it is just I failed to notice the paperclip had appeared. Clearly THAT is where the combined file is!

A lack of standards makes thing virtually impossible to prepare for.

I think it a wonderful add-on, personally.

In comparison with yDecode multipart decoder, Combine & Decode from Outlook Expres looks archaic.

From: Paul H.

Good Morning,

Many thanks for your assistance - the application is now running well. What a wonderful programme, especially when compared against others that I have tried. It's worth every cent of the small fee that you charged - congratulations!

With kind regards,

Paul H.

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