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What Do You Get When You Order - Short Summary
(Also Read Full List Of Benefits Here)

yDecode full version removes all the limitations of the demo and also does the following:

1. Decode yEnc and multipart messages without you interacting with the decoding process

2. Do it in a fully automated and transparent process (transparent meaning invisible to you, but still working exactly what it is supposed to)

3. Configure only once use many times

4. Never bother with complicated, hard to remember command line parameters or manual decoding process

5. Avoid repetitive, boring and time consuming tasks download, save, run through yEnc decoder, save again, combine... and repeat all over again on the next message

6. Have comfort of continuing to use your favorite news reader software such as Outlook Express, Netscape News, Agent or any other you already are used to and also have additional features that make browsing of the newsgroups faster and easier

7. On top of all it must be 100% compliant to RFC and yEnc standards


Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page

Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page
Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page


Use the opportunity while these bonuses are given away

Here is what we will also give you with the purchase of yDecode:

5 Extra Bonuses (a free $97 value)

First class user support for yDecode and Easy Post

(valued $39 yours FREE)

Customer support you get with yDecode is first class and the testimonials can confirm that. If you don't believe this, try it out for yourself and you will experience the same - high level of personal support every customer gets. Also, we have quality tutorials that help you resolve the problem - in the online help page.

Additionally you get priority support for Easy Post as well - software designed for easy posting of messages in yEnc format on the newsgroups. This software is free but unregistered users don't get this benefit - they get regular support only. Further, you also get the benefit to ask for new features in yDecode and Easy Post. To learn more about Easy Post please read more about it on this web site. This additional support is available as long as you are registered user of yDecode.

Priority User Support Over Several Media

(valued $29 yours FREE)

You will also get an ability to:
  • Chat with developers when you have a problem
  • Contact us via ICQ / MSN / Yahoo / Skype messengers
  • Have Remote Assistance help from developers (Requirements: Windows XP + direct Internet connection - the one not going through router or firewall)


(valued $29 yours FREE)

You will also get free updates for 1095 days (3 years) but only for a limited time if you act quickly. You can download free new version whenever it is released while you are registered and you can access special registered user pages with additional bonuses as well. Of course, you can continue to use full version after that period - no limits in that, this counts only for the free upgrades and special web access.

Special web-based benefits

(always increasing value because new features are being added all the time, but yours FREE)

Each user gets the access to the special registered user pages where you can download full version and get more information about the software.

We bring out new features and possibilities there from time to time and each time you log in to these pages you get access to these features. And we don't charge them additionally, once you are registered everything here is free!

And we're always thinking of new benefits we can add to these pages so you don't just get a full version of the program - you get full customer service with added value along with the registration!

Ask us anything related to e-mail or newsgroups

(your gift with the registration for a limited time)

In addition to the software you will also get a knowledge base - if you get into any kind of problem with e-mail, newsgroups or anything related to Outlook Express - for a limited time we're giving you a full customer support for these as well. We're building a database of answers to common problems of this kind so you are free to ask us anything related to the above topics.

Also, if you wish to learn more about any of the above topic, just challenge us with a question.

So this means that when you order yDecode for $29.95 - you will also get all of the above - a bundle-pack that includes the updates as well the rest of the extras - a free $97 value - but you must act quickly because:

The price will be raised as soon as we finish implementing new set of features for registered users we currently work on - use the opportunity now and you will get all the benefits at the "old" price and have it for years - but note - this opportunity may not last more than just few days until we finish the new features!

Your 90 day, Double Risk Free Guarantee

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If for any reason yDecode doesn't deliver your expectations after trying out the demo and later full version and you don't end up with tons of yEnc-decoded files on your hard disk then we will make sure you get 100% money back and you can also keep the extra bonuses that are separated from the software for yourself as our gift to you for the trying the software. Think of it as a free 90 day trial of full version!

The following two reasons explain why the purchase of yDecode is completely risk free and even gives you further benefits:

1. 100% guarantee (#1) - Even though you are completely sure what exactly you are getting (by trying the demo first), we are giving you a 100% money refund if you order with a credit card and you are not satisfied for any reason. Now, we know that there are some people that will try to abuse this - and we have already ensured the methods to stop them quickly. But we also know that most of our users are honest and simply want to be totally sure that they are spending their hard-earned cash well. Our customer testimonials only support these claims.

2. 100% guarantee (#2) - Even if you use our 100% guarantee #1 - we insist that you keep the extra bonuses that come with yDecode and are separated from the program itself.

Simply decide for yourself within 90 days if you like it or not - and we'll take all of the risks related to your purchase!

A tip they won't tell you:

Many services that offer decoding of yEnc files or image subscriptions (or simply web-sites with images or similar content) cost in some cases more per month than single one-time yDecode license fee (even if we don't count in the extra bonuses). You may even discover later that you are not getting the satisfactory service and with yDecode you will get all the images, MP3, videos and more for free with single - one time low-cost fee and that also includes bonuses! But here you know exactly what you are getting before you actually purchase it.

The scenarios

Worst case - you got few extra tips on Outlook Express, used our additional bonuses and it didn't cost you a dime even if you decide to refund. It is all at our expense.

Best case - you get the software thousands of people use on daily basis as well as other benefits and bonuses listed above.

The ordering process is very easy, fully secure (using strong encryption, CC secure codes, order tracking) and it takes only 5 minutes of your time if you use the credit card. You get instructions how to download full version on your e-mail within few seconds after you order.

View All yEnc And Multipart Messages Within 5 Minutes And Never Miss Them Again

Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

You have 90 days to try yDecode and see all of the yEnc messages you are currently missing. And if you get into any trouble or if provided help-files (which are triple-checked every time we write them) are not enough just contact us and you will get personal support that will guide you step-by-step!


Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page

Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page
Proceed to yDecode Secure Order Page


What are you waiting for? Sign up right now - get the full version of yDecode and claim the 5 extra bonuses (valued at $97.00 but yours FREE) some are time limited - all for single price of $29.95.

Zvonko Tesic,
yDecode developer


1. yDecode is a solution where you can continue to use your favorite news reader software and still get the most of it decode all yEnc messages, autosave images and other attachments into folder of your choice and enhance your newsreading experience. Without yEnc encoded files you are missing a lot of free content.

2. There is no risk if you are not satisfied you get 100% your money back and you still get to keep all the bonuses. You can evaluate full version for full 90 days!

3. A well-established USA based company (Plimus) processes your credit card and order process is completely secure.

4. You get your registration instantly when ordering with a credit card. You can begin to use it in 5 minutes!

5. A lot of additional benefits await you once you register the software but some of these are time limited and you may miss them if you don't act quickly (see the full benefits list above)! If you order now - you will get them at the old price and use them for years.

If you have any questions please visit help page and write us an e-mail. We will get back to you quickly.

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