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How To Save Huge Amounts Of Time And Get Rid Of The Boring Repetitive Tasks - By Browsing Multipart Messages The Easier And Smarter Way

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Latest yDecode brings you new and unique improvement to the Usenet browsing - multipart auto-decoder and auto-joiner. This new feature will save you a lot of time and you will also get rid of the repetitive tasks when browsing multipart posts on the newsgroups.

Multipart posts are different from single part posts as they split large files across several messages which all need to be downloaded one by one and then joined in correct order to get the original file. This is due to limitation of newsgroups - they cannot carry too large files so these are split into smaller posts.

Outlook Express has Combine&Decode option for manual joining of multiparts but it is a real pain in the neck and involves a lot of manual work and has the following problems:

  • You have to make sure that all of the parts are present - e.g. you need to count them manually - if some of them is missing, you only lost a lot of time and you still cannot do much with incomplete post
  • You need to mark for download all of the parts and then select option Combine&Decode
  • After Combine&Decode window appears you need again to check and see if the parts are ordered in correct order and then to reorder them manually if they aren't

If you do this on regular basis, you already understand the torture in going through these steps. Maybe you even got used to this so you don't notice it anymore but that doesn't make it any easier or better.

After long time of studying these messages we came up with automated solution to put an end on all of this:

Multipart decoder automatically solves all of the above problems the following way:

  • It automatically counts the posts and recognizes which are multipart and which are not - it processes them automatically as you browse the posts. This is all done internally and you don't have to worry about any of this.
  • You only need to find a post you like and click on part #1 to download it entirely! That is all - you don't have to count the number of parts (it was already done automatically in the background), you don't have to see if the post is incomplete (also done automatically) and of course as they are joined automatically you also don't have to order the posts in correct order - all is set to auto-pilot.
  • If there is a problem - such as incomplete post - yDecode will report it in your browser window with an appropriate message. You can then choose to download this as "single part" (as if it wasn't a multipart) or discard it. This choice can also be automated if you set an appropriate option to do so.
  • This all works seamlessly with Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Agent, Netscape News and practically any other available Usenet newsgroups reader software. The choice of client software is again yours.

Once you try this you won't even think about going back to the manual multipart joining. As one of yDecode users told us: "Combine&Decode seems so old-school of joining multiparts after I tried this".

In addition yDecode still works with yEnc posts normally. Multiparts also work with yEnc and non-yEnc posts.

Multipart decoder is available only in yDecode full version and you can get it by ordering full version. Your order is 60-day money-back guaranteed, 100% secure and quick process. You also get all of the other benefits you get when ordering yDecode (listed here).

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