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The Easiest Way To Post yEnc Messages To The Newsgroups

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If you ever wanted to post pictures, videos, or any other kind of binary files to the Usenet newsgroups, then you probably know how frustrating this can be, especially if you want to post them in yEnc format. However, with the right tool, this process can be greatly simplified.

Easy Post is the software designed for easy posting of binary files to the newsgroups.

Easy to use and easy to stay in control of the posting

Using Easy Post gives you the following benefits:

  • Very easy posting of files to the Usenet - drag and drop files to the program, select newsgroups to post to, type a subject and click "Post" button and they are away
  • Stay in control of the process - Files can be sorted by filename or by file size (both ascending or descending) and posted in that order
  • Ability to configure account automatically - Simply click "Get Default" button and you get account settings transferred from Outlook Express to Easy Post
  • More control - You can stop posting at any time and also if there is an error, incorrectly posted files stay in listview and are marked with red color
  • Automation - It does a number of small tasks for you - splits large messages, automatically inserts new newsgroups in the list, marks subjects with file counters and more
  • Free of charge

Easy to configure

Most of the settings in Easy Post are set on auto-pilot, but still few need to be configured. Nevertheless, those are easy to set up - like for example account settings where you can easily transfer settings from Outlook Express simply by clicking Get Default button.

easy post

Configuring the account settings also allows you configuring up to 10 different accounts which you may use as presets for posting messages to the newsgroups or various servers.

easy post

Selecting the newsgroups you will post to is also simple - type in part of the name of the newsgroup and Easy Post will filter and display only groups containing that name. Then select the groups you want to post to and press OK.

It's FREE!

On top of all, Easy Post is free of charge - so go ahead, download and try it! If you require further info how to set it up - they are in the online help.

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