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Reveal tons of hidden pictures, MP3, videos and eBooks in Newsgroups - Easily read yEnc and multipart files in Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or other news readers

If you visit newsgroups (Usenet) on regular basis in search of free content like pictures, MP3s, videos, e-books or software and anything else that can be found in the newsgroups, you've probably seen a lot of messages in yEnc format - and you've probably been frustrated by inability to view these in your favorite news reader software such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird.

As Outlook Express user ourselves, we consider it good and easy to use software for reading newsgroups and also quite good for e-mail as well but with a significant problem - yEnc messages in the newsgroups are displayed as text instead of whatever they should contain - pictures, MP3, videos, archives, e-books or software.

If you were like us then you were missing all of this free content which was hidden in yEnc format for years.

You are about to reveal the easy way how you can view all of these messages transparently - directly in your favorite news reader program - Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape News, Agent... or any other. Furthermore, you'll learn how you can benefit more from this solution and make your newsgroups reading even easier and never miss any of the yEnc encoded files again!


Ralph contacted us with a question about our software - here is a comment we received afterwards (published with his permission):

Dear developers,

I am very pleased to inform you the recovery technique you detailed that I should try first worked perfectly as described and completely resolved all my issues. I want to thank you for personally responding to my problem and even checking back to see if all my concerns were satisfied.

I have a family member in the computer business, and he said "Wow, that company is doing a good job there. If Microsoft cared that much about me I would never be looking at Linux..."

He is not easily impressed. We were both happily surprised a real person would reply to my problem with enthusiasm and take the time to even follow-up. We think that's a good way to keep repeat customers.

I will check out Easy Post and give you some feedback in a couple weeks.

With kindest regards and thanks,

Ralph P.

(Registered user from USA)

In early version of our software there was a minor flaw (now fixed, years ago) which manifested itself only on few specific PCs - we never saw it on our test computers (we do extensive testing of the software before releasing it) - Stan notified us about it and here is his feedback (published with his permission):

I downloaded and installed the new version a couple of days ago and have given it a pretty good workout since then. Everything seems to be going OK - certainly as far as the problem I was having is concerned. Your fix seems to have done the trick and I'm now a happy camper.

My heartfelt thanks for your patience and understanding and also the speedy attention to the difficulties I was experiencing.

I appreciate it very much. The new version is, I think, superior to the old. It is easier to operate (activate) once I set it to start when the computer is started. The simpler the better as far as I am concerned!

If any other bugs become apparent, I shall be in touch. Once again, many thanks and all the best.


Stan J.

(Registered user from Australia)

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Most Of The Pictures, MP3s, Videos And Other Files In The Newsgroups Are In yEnc And It's NOT Going To Change

But popular news reader software such as Outlook Express don't support it for a good reason!

Today, yEnc encoding format is a standard which is used so widely in the Usenet that there are very few non-yEnc messages left.

The thing is that the Usenet (or newsgroups) is a large repository of various pictures, MP3s, videos and software or other content stored in archives such as ZIP, RAR or any other - but all of them are inaccessible to an Outlook Express user because they are yEnc encoded.

Just imagine the loads of free information, pictures, MP3s, videos, e-books and other you are missing - just because your news reader software doesn't have integrated yEnc decoder.

What is yEnc, Why Is It So Popular And What Does It Contain?

Before yEnc was invented, older newsgroup encoding formats were very inefficient and in order to be store a binary file on a newsgroup server they required additional 30 percent of storage space - these encoding methods are called MIME and UU encode and most of the newsgroup reader programs such as Outlook Express understand them perfectly. When they were invented, there was no much of the multimedia files on the newsgroups anyway, so it was sufficient.

But today, Internet has a lot of multimedia capabilities and the Usenet servers are no exception - so people began posting messages in yEnc format - to reduce the load on the servers and also to speed up the downloads because yEnc optimizes this 30 percent redundant data and reduces it down to 2 or 3 percent so the same size file will download faster when encoded in yEnc format.

Many people think of it as a compression method which actually it isn't - it is simply better optimized encoding scheme!

Due to these advantages, yEnc is popular and the number of yEnc encoded files increases!

Some of the benefits of using yEnc include:

  • Same size files download much faster when compared to older encoding methods
  • Doesn't waste as much disk space as older formats
  • More files can be stored on the server (due to smaller size) and they will last for longer time (as servers hold newsgroup files for a limited time)
  • Contains any of the following - pictures, MP3s, videos, software, e-books or any other binary files

Why The Most Popular Newsreader Software Doesn't Support yEnc Format?

yEnc creates unnecessary problems for users that simply want to download pictures, videos, programs, MP3s or other files from the newsgroups - popular news reader software like Outlook Express doesn't support it.

The problem with yEnc are the standards. Even though the files download faster, yEnc does not comply with the usual standards that were originally created for the newsgroups, called RFC, designed to make transferring of files more easy and with fewer errors. But it became popular anyway and many popular newsgroup reader software simply didn't support it because it doesn't comply with the standards.

But there are solutions - one of them is a command line software which decodes yEnc messages and works like this:

Principle of using command line based yEnc decoder software:

  • First you download the message as text (you can't view what you are downloading)
  • You save the message to disk
  • Run the saved message through a command line software and decode it
  • Save the decoded file to a folder of your choice
  • Optionally - join multipart files
As you may see there is a lot of manual work involved here.

yEnc decoder software may even have a GUI (graphical user interface) and make the task easier by using Windows drag-n-drop feature but still it is a lot of manual work which is not very comfortable to be used on a daily basis and with lots of files.

Unfortunately - you as Outlook Express user don't have much choice - yEnc doesn't comply to the Usenet / newsgroups standards and it will not be supported anytime soon - the end result - you have good news reader with no support for yEnc and you're missing a lot of good and free images, MP3s, videos, programs and much more!

Much better solution would be a yEnc decoder software that would be able to deliver the data to the target news reader in the format that is readable and standard for the news reader software like Outlook Express.

How Can You View yEnc in Outlook Express Easily And Comfortable?

You want the solution which can do the following:

  1. Decode yEnc and multipart messages without you interacting with the decoding process
  2. Do it in a fully automated and transparent process (transparent meaning - invisible to you, but still working exactly what it is supposed to)
  3. Configure only once - use many times
  4. Never bother with complicated, hard to remember command line parameters or manual decoding process
  5. Avoid repetitive, boring and time consuming tasks - download, save, run through yEnc decoder, save again, combine... and repeat all over again on the next message
  6. Have comfort of continuing to use your favorite news reader software such as Outlook Express, Netscape News, Agent or any other you already are used to and also have additional features that make browsing of the newsgroups faster and easier
  7. On top of all it must be 100% compliant to RFC and yEnc standards
And you want all of this to be easy to use!

Let us introduce you to yDecode - a piece of software which does all of the tasks mentioned above and more - it is almost invisible to you and decodes yEnc messages quickly and transparently directly into Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or any other newsreader.

yDecode - An Easy Solution To yEnc And Multipart Problems

yDecode - software that can read Usenet newsgroups yEnc and multipart format in Outlook ExpressyDecode stands in-between newsgroups server and Outlook Express (or other news reader software). The news reader software you use doesn't matter. It is installed usually on your own computer where you also run Outlook Express and must be running when you read newsgroups. It can also run automatically on a system startup.

Once you connect with Outlook Express to the newsgroup it doesn't connect anymore to newsgroups server directly but to yDecode instead, which then connects to the server (installation configures all of this automatically). Being in-between the server (Usenet server) and the client (Outlook Express), yDecode is able to do a lot of things before it passes the messages to Outlook Express such as decode yEnc, save attachments into a folder of your choice and more.

Also, it can work as a proxy - a gateway to the real news server with transparent decoding of yEnc into common formats. This means that the users that are behind the proxy can use it as a newsgroups server and never care about the encoding format in which the actual posts may be. So you can use it in multi-user environment as well.

With yDecode you can continue to use Outlook Express or any other news reader software while getting the most out of the newsgroups.

When you install yDecode you will never miss any good posts and you won't have to go through a torture of decoding those posts manually with some command line software. And there are people who really do this, believe it or not. yDecode makes this much simpler. It also shows you a progress bar and you can see how much of the post is left to download.

Further, you can put it in a local network - all of the computers that have access to yDecode (using the settings in the IP filter list) will be able to read newsgroups transparently as well. This can be great for multi user environment - where users behind the proxy don't have to care what happens - they simply read the yEnc posts.

IP filtering list will help you to enable or disable access from remote computers and you don't have to care if it will allow some unwanted traffic - by default yDecode blocks all access except the one which is explicitly enabled and the computer where it is installed (localhost) so you are on the safe side. However, be sure to read the included help file to familiarize yourself with these options if you wish to configure them to your needs.

This way you extend your Outlook Express functionality but also you get additional features.

yDecode yEnc decoder is tested against many messages and is 100% yEnc compliant.

Why Should You Use yDecode With Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Netscape News, Agent Or Other Newsreader?

yDecode not only decodes yEnc messages - it actually extends your news reader with new features.

  1. You easily decode ALL yEnc messages with no manual work - single part or multipart - directly into Outlook Express, Netscape News, Agent or any other news reader software you can think of.
  2. You don't have to worry about multipart messages - they are decoded automatically. No counting of parts, no joining, no anything. Just click the first message and you are done!
  3. It can save all the yEnc messages automatically into a folder of your choice while you surf - This way you can avoid repetitive tasks like opening, decoding and saving files - you simply use "synchronize" option in Outlook Express and yDecode saves all the yEnc messages into a folder of your choice. Later take a look at the "cache" folder to find all the attachments there - Multipart attachments are automatically joined into single file.
  4. It is "invisible" to you - works transparently - This means that unless you want to monitor it, it can do entire job automatically, while sitting quietly in the system tray. It also shows you progress bar and communication icons there so you don't have to look at the main window as the progress bar of Outlook Express which doesn't calculate correctly the message size.
  5. You have the comfort to continue using Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail you already know how to use while still getting the most of it. If you use some other news reader software - you can use yDecode with that software as well - yDecode works with ANY other newsgroup reading software such as Netscape News or Agent!
  6. Share yDecode in local network (LAN) to enable other computers to read yEnc transparently as well - it acts like a proxy server - works with ANY news reader software that is correctly configured to point to yDecode computer. yDecode is also protected from outside access with IP filtering list - internal firewall (you can override it if required).
  7. Work with up to 10 servers - if you use more than one server you can easily switch them in yDecode (one at the time is active).
  8. Diagnose the connection to the server - this one can be a time saver to you while you configure it.
  9. Run it automatically on system startup so you don't have to touch it again once you set it up.
  10. Easily configures Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail via one-click configuration!
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Use the opportunity while these bonuses are given away

5 Extra Bonuses (a free $97 value)

EXTRA BONUS #1: First class user support
(valued $39 - yours FREE)

Customer support you get with yDecode is first class and the testimonials can confirm that. If you don't believe this, try it out for yourself and you will experience the same - high level of personal support every customer gets. Also, we have quality tutorials that help you resolve the problem - in the online help page.

EXTRA BONUS #2: Priority User Support Over Several Media
(valued $29 - yours FREE)

You will also get an ability to:

  • Contact us by email
  • Have remote assistance help from developers via TeamViewer in case of more difficult problems

EXTRA BONUS #3: Updates
(valued $29 - yours FREE)

You will also get free updates for 1095 days (3 years) but only for a limited time if you act quickly. You can download free new version whenever it is released while you are registered and you can access special registered user pages with additional bonuses as well. Of course, you can continue to use full version after that period - no limits in that, this counts only for the free upgrades and special web access.

EXTRA BONUS #4: Special web-based benefits
(always increasing value because new features are being added all the time, but yours FREE)

Each user gets the access to the special registered user pages where you can download full version and get more information about the software.

We bring out new features and possibilities there from time to time and each time you log in to these pages you get access to these features. And we don't charge them additionally, once you are registered everything here is free!

And we're always thinking of new benefits we can add to these pages so you don't just get a full version of the program - you get full customer service with added value along with the registration!

EXTRA BONUS #5: Ask us anything related to e-mail or newsgroups
(your gift with the registration for a limited time)

In addition to the software you will also get a knowledge base - if you get into any kind of problem with e-mail, newsgroups or anything related to Outlook Express - for a limited time we're giving you a full customer support for these as well. We're building a database of answers to common problems of this kind so you are free to ask us anything related to the above topics.

Also, if you wish to learn more about any of the above topic, just challenge us with a question.

So this means that when you order yDecode for $29.95 - you will also get all of the above - a bundle-pack that includes the updates as well the rest of the extras - a free $97 value - but you must act quickly because:

The price will be raised as soon as we finish implementing new set of features for registered users we currently work on - use the opportunity now and you will get all the benefits at the "old" price and have it for years - but note - this opportunity may not last more than just few days until we finish the new features!

Your 60 day guarantee

If for any reason yDecode doesn't deliver your expectations after trying out the demo and later full version and you don't end up with tons of yEnc-decoded files on your hard disk then we will make sure you get 100% money back and you can also keep the extra bonuses that are separated from the software for yourself as our gift to you for the trying the software. Think of it as a free 60 day trial of full version!

Simply decide for yourself within 60 days if you like it or not - and we'll take all of the risks related to your purchase!

Secret tip they won't tell you:

Some services which offer decoding of yEnc files or image subscriptions (or simply web-sites with images or similar content) cost in some cases more per month than single one-time yDecode license fee. You may even discover later that you are not getting a satisfactory service and with yDecode you will get all the images, MP3, videos and more for free with a single - one time, low-cost fee and that also includes bonuses! But here you know exactly what you are getting before you actually purchase it.

Thousands of people already use yDecode benefits on a daily basis!

The ordering process is very easy and secure and it takes only 5 minutes. You get instructions how to download full version on your e-mail within minutes after you order.

View All yEnc And Multipart Messages Within 5 Minutes And Never Miss Them Again

Remember, there's absolutely no risk!

You have 60 days to try yDecode and see all of the yEnc messages you are currently missing. And if you get into any trouble or if provided help-files (which are triple-checked every time we write them) are not enough just contact us and you will get personal support that will guide you step-by-step!

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What are you waiting for? Sign up right now - get the full version of yDecode and claim the 5 extra bonuses (valued at $97.00 but yours FREE) some are time limited - all for single price of $29.95.


1. yDecode is a solution where you can continue to use your favorite news reader software and still get the most of it - decode all yEnc messages, autosave images and other attachments into folder of your choice - and enhance your newsreading experience. Without yEnc encoded files you are missing a lot of free content.

2. There is no risk - if you are not satisfied - you get 100% your money back and you still get to keep all the bonuses. You can evaluate full version for full 60 days!

3. You get your registration instantly when ordering with a credit card or PayPal. You can begin to use it in 5 minutes!

4. A lot of additional benefits await you once you register the software but some of these are time limited and you may miss them if you don't act quickly (see the full benefits list above)! If you order now - you will get them at the old price and use them for years.

If you have any questions please visit help page and write us an e-mail. We will get back to you quickly.

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